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lo punya pacar ga?

engga cuy

→ 스퀴시 두부: Facts about Choi Minho



  • Birthday: December 09, 1991
  • Blood type: B
  • Height: 181cm (5’11.3”)
  • Hometown: Incheon
  • Nicknames:
    Flaming Charisma (불꽃카리스마 / bulkkot kariseuma)
    Frog Prince (개구리왕자 / gaeguri wangja)
    Bulka (불카) (shortened version of “flaming charisma”)
    Pomonam (포모남) (shorted version of “포기를 모르는 남자/pogireul moreuneun  namja/man who doesn’t know to give up)

* | * | * | * | * | * 

  • He dreamed of being a famous soccer player
  • Minho had a girlfriend in elementary school. 
  • His nickname back in Elementary was ‘big eyes’.
  • After playing soccer with his friends till the early morning, he slept for two whole days.
  • On the bus on his way to Seoul for an important recording, he closed his eyes for a second, but actually slept and the bus was on its way back to Incheon.
  • After losing a soccer match in middle school, he couldn’t stop crying.
  • There was one time in middle school when Minho studied really hard because he wanted to do better than his friend. He didn’t win. It still bothers him.  
  • For his SM audition, Minho sang the South Korean National Anthem at his audition. 
  • He graduated in 2010

(Mother, Father, Older brother)
+ | +

  • His father, Choi, YunKyum, is a famous ex-soccer coach
  • His father was very opposed to him becoming a singer but also opposed to him becoming a soccer player
  • His mother is short, but his father is tall
  • His older brother’s name is Minseok & he goes to Seoul University


  • His favorite color is blue
  • His favorite food is ramen and wants to eat different kinds
  • He always wears the same bracelet
  • Minho doesn’t wear clothes around the dorm, even when eating breakfast
  • He tends to “fight” in his dreams and talks a lot in his sleep
  • He plays sports on his days off
  • Minho likes the number 10
  • He sleeps the most
  • His old soccer jersey hangs on his bed
  • He’ll glare at the stair steps if he trips.
  • Minho would like to see or meet a ghost. 
  • Minho goes to Konkuk University majoring in Film through the fine arts department.
  • Minho’s forehead is 6cm. 
  • Minho loves food and eats the most
  • He can keep his eyes open for 3 minutes
  • His members gave him the nickname “MEANHO”
  • Minho likes dogs more than cats
  • Minho always asks what & where his members have been when they first come home
  • He was usually tardy for school
  • Minho can never just sit in one place and study without moving.  
  • Minho won car (Kia Cadenza) at Dream Team. 
  • He is very close with his hyungs, especially Changmin & Donghae (He is called a “hyungwhore"for this)
  • He likes noonas
  • Minho is not good at hiding his feelings
  • Minho comes home and kicks Key while sleeping.  
  • Minho has a temper
  • He would rather follow than lead
  • Minho would like to learn how to play the saxophone. 
  • Minho’s favorite soccer position is center-forward
  • Minho looks like he is the most quiet among the members, but when they are just them five, he is really loud and noisy. 
  • Whenever Minho looks at himself in a mirror, he will always start to pose like a model. 
  • Minho added “my lovely” in front of his bandmates’ names in his cellphone contacts. 
  • He hides his money in books

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